keyholewelcome to my personal website, which I have also designed and built myself. I am a fine artist, graphic designer, and most recently, web designer. My work consists of a broad range of media, subjects, and styles. Please visit my gallery to see my work.

This site design was inspired by time, motion, and flight. The images used help to represent these things, which also reflects how my work has evolved. The bicycle represents motion. The clock represents time, and the feathers and wings represent flight. The butterfly probably best represents all of these things, which is why it is used most throughout this site, and even in some of my work. As things move through time, new opportunities arise. The keys represent opportunity and new ideas, rather than acting as barriers. Take a look around at some of the things I've done (hint: look for a hidden key!), and come back often to see my work evolve...


old woman2005--Best of Photography: Computer Graphics Technology Student Show, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI

2007--Best of Show: Computer Graphics Technology Student Show, Schoolcraft College, Livonia, MI (pictured at right)

current projects

A project that I'm currently working on is a vector piece that should be up very soon in my vector gallery. Stay tuned...

This website designed, built, & maintained by Terri Jameson. All images and content on this website were also created by Terri Jameson, and therefore belong to me. The work seen here may not be used without expressed written permission from myself. Please contact me for more details